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Dealer Loyalty Points Program

Learn everything about how this Loyalty Program works, how to earn points, and what those points can be used for to benefit your business,

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What exactly can you use the points that you've earned for?

New Rewards Points Program:
Earn, Track & Redeem Rewards Points on Your New Dealer Loyalty Account

Earn Points
Earn Points -  TracFone Dealers in Rewards Tiers (VIP, Elite, Pro and Member) will earn points for:
  • Qualified Activations
  • Exceeding 90-day 1XR goals
  • NPS
  • Spin & Win
  • NEW for the Sweepstakes - Add-a-line activations & Autopay enrollment!

View & Redeem Points
View & Redeem Points - As of January 26, 2021, dealers will be able to view their accumulated points and start redeeming points. Points can be used toward credits with trusted TracFone suppliers, including Vidapay, Blue Horizon, IMM/Local Hero, and Valassis/Vericast to name a few. Points can be transferred and turned into dollar amount equivalents and applied to these vendor accounts in increments of 2,500 points (which equals $25 in monetary credit). Please note that there may be a 2-3 day delay in credits showing up in the vendor account as monies.
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Rewards Points

There are a few ways to earn Dealer Reward points. Learn how many points you can earn with each activation. And start redeeming what you have earned so far!

How do you spend your Rewards Points/Money?


Watch This Video!

Learn about WHAT you can use your points for in the quick and entertaining video


Make Purchases in Vidapay

You probably already shop in the Vidapay marketplace for handsets and SIM cards - now you can use your Dealer Rewards Points to subsidize your purchases.  Transfer your points in blocks of 2,500 and see the $25 credit show up in your Vidapay account in just a couple days. Then shop as normal and apply that credit at checkout! Easy!

Purchase Branded Merchandise in the Blue Horizon Store

They have everything from popular flags, branded table cloths, gadgets and giveaways, shirts and other apparel, even postcards you can order to mail out to addresses in your neighborhood! Go to the merchandise store through your  DAP portal access  and see how you can spend your points there! 

Login to DAP then go to Compensation and Rewards > Merchandise shop, click through to the ordering portal.

Purchase Social/Digital Marketing Campaigns for Your Store

To explain it simply...  

IMM/LSM Hero has partnered with Tracfone to provide to you an EASY and TURNKEY solution to complicated Digital and Social marketing!

All you have to do is sign up for one of 4 price levels (starting at only $250) for ad run per week. You will be running digital ads for your store over these channels below.

LSM Hero platform is so easy to use, you will literally be able to engage a campaign in about 5 clicks. You can use your Dealer Rewards Points to subsidize this advertising spend too! up to $250 (25,000 points) per redemption to begin this program - which means you can engage in this program for as little as $0 out of pocket! (for their $250/week plan)

Visit their information page and launch page {HERE}

How to Get Started:

  • Redeem your loyalty points on the Tracfone Dealer Rewards page/portal for a LSM Hero Redemption Code(s).

  • Redemption Codes are available in increments of $25, up to $250 maximum for one code Redemption Codes will be delivered via email from LSM Hero within 10 business days of order placement.

  • The email you receive with your LSM Hero Redemption Codes will include a link to the LSM Hero platform. You may also need to activate your account if this is your first time visiting LSM Hero; you can request your activation token directly on the website.

  • Once logged in on the LSM Hero app, please apply your Redemption Codes at checkout. This code will apply the correct reward value to your campaign. Note: If the value of the total value of your Redemption Codes is more than the value of your total order amount, the entire value will be redeemed as there is no ‘change’ for code redemptions.

Additional Details

  • By redeeming points for LSM Hero, you affirm your agreement to the full LSM Hero Redemption Terms & Conditions.

  • You acknowledge that your loyalty points may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash or transferred to another location, and that only the full amount of each redemption may be used in a single transaction.

You will be responsible for any LSM Hero campaign fees incurred above and beyond your Redemption Codes.

Redemption Codes expire 90 days from date of issuance.

Redeem your TracFone Dealer Loyalty Program points with LSM Hero, and you can start advertising your business to thousands of local customers on premium media channels!

Questions? Email LSM Hero for assistance at

Digital Marketing with Valassis/Vericast

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To explain it simply...  

Valassis/Vericast utilizes technology that is based on data points across 1.4B devices to analyze online behavior and understand consumer intent to ultimately and most efficiently discover new consumers. 

By utilizing that examined data they can then apply knowledge of the best places to spotlight media ads and connect with the right audience for your product and location.

Last year Tracfone hired Valassis to run these kind of digital campaigns around their corporate exclusive stores and saw tremendous results. Results that provided a positive return on investment - meaning the stores earned more in new business than what what paid for the marketing services. 

Here is an example:

  • Local, Dynamic Mobile Campaign: $500/month

  • 200 leads yield at a cost of $2.50 each

  • Those 200 leads yield 25 store visits

  • Out of 25, an average of 12 activations

If an activation is worth on average $235 (with average plan rate SPIFFs, residuals, etc.) That would amount to $2,820 in projected revenue generated in 1 month - which has a 6:1 Return On Investment (ROI) rate. These activations would also generate addition Dealer Loyalty points of about 700 per new activation if maximized.  A total of 8,400 DLP generated for all 12 activations over the month = $84 earned in DL Monies that can be applied to future spends. Effectively bringing the $500 cost down to $416.

AND Here's the exciting part...

If you already have accumulated Dealer Loyalty Points of 2500 or more you can use a portion of those point to subsidize your Valassis contract spends right from the start and reduce your out of pocket costs even further.

Here's what you could do:

You are able to use up to 10,000 points (=$100) per campaign so you can reduce your out-of-pocket expense to start to $400 (for a month). With an expected $84 earned in DLP, that further reduces your net cost to $316 but will still bring you (an estimated) $2,820 in revenue projected. That is almost a 9:1 ROI... meaning that for every $1 you spend, you will earn $9

CONTACT CELLUCOM Marketing Manager for help in getting started. Call 614-441-9352 (Mon-Fri; 9am-6pm) or email to reach out. 

If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible to receive subsidized annual "Always On" plan benefits. For Elite level dealers only. 

Dealer Loyalty Program FAQs

What is the Dealer Loyalty Program?
  • An enhanced program that adds on to your current tier benefits. You will now earn points for every new customer activation, and get more points the longer they stay with TracFone. You’ll also earn rewards for signing customers up to our brand's consumer rewards programs, and for delivering great customer service. Along with these new incentives, you’ll receive added valuable benefits based on your tier.
How do I get access to my benefits?
  • Benefits are based on your current tier level and are accessed via DAP by single sign-on to the TracFone Dealer Loyalty site
How do I redeem my points for rewards?
  • Points can be redeemed for account credits, redemption codes, and/or digital gift cards from trusted TracFone partners, including Blue Horizon, LSM Hero, Valassis, and others. Once you’ve identified the reward you are interested in redeeming for, follow the steps below to place your order:

    1. Click "Add to Cart" in order to add this reward to your shopping cart
    2. Click "View Cart" to review and confirm the contents of your shopping cart
    3. Click "Checkout" to begin the redemption process for this reward
    4. Enter your contact information and click “Submit Shipping Info”
    5. Verify the reward you are redeeming for and your contact information and click “Confirm Redemption”
    6. You will be displayed an order success message, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided during checkout

    Should you experience any issues in placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact for assistance

What happens if I do not have enough points to redeem?
  • Unfortunately, points cannot be purchased, and you cannot pay the remaining balance with another form of tender. For convenience, simply add the item to your Wishlist where it will be saved until you have accumulated enough points
I placed an order for a TracFone partner product. What happens next?
  • Your order, along with your TracFone dealer account information, will be provided to the TracFone partner you redeemed for. Upon receipt of your order, the respective partner will either apply your credit to your account with them or issue your redemption code or digital gift card to you via email. Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to be fulfilled
How long will it take to receive my order?
  • While fulfillment times vary by TracFone partner, most orders will be fulfilled within 10 business days. This includes the application of credits to your partner account and the issuance of redemption codes or digital gift cards via email
Am I able to cancel or return my order for a refund?
  • Redemptions for all TracFone partner account credits, redemption codes, and/or digital gift cards are non-refundable and non-returnable
Do points have a cash value?
  • Points cannot be redeemed for monetary value. Points are only eligible for redemption on the TracFone Dealer Loyalty site and as long as you remain in good standing

What if my tier changes from quarter to quarter? Can I still use, access, and redeem my points?
  • As long as you are a Dealer Loyalty Member and in good standing, you can redeem your points even though you move up or down within the qualifying Dealer Loyalty Tiers
How do I access and use Local Offers?
  • Local Offers can be accessed from the Dealer Loyalty Program homepage by clicking on the “Local Offers” widget. Present your coupon and/or mobile device to a participating merchant at the time you request your bill
What if the merchant does not honor my discount?
  • If the merchant does not honor the discount, view the offer details and select “Help”. Click “The merchant did not honor this offer” to report the occurrence
What are Business Partner Discounts?
  • Business Partner Discounts are value-added services designed to help you grow and manage your business. Each participating partner has a dedicated pop-up message where you can learn more about their services and take advantage of their exclusive program offers. Points cannot be used to pay for Business Partner Discount services