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Do it in DAP!

The TracFone Dealer Portal (DAP) was built with your TSP to bring you, the TracFone Brands Retailer, the best tools and analytics to run your wireless business. Everything you need to do during the course of a day of signups, activations, and more can be done through DAP.  Looking for detailed plans comparison, dealer training, marketing materials to print, your rewards status, activations? You can find it all in TracFone Dealer Activation Portal ( 

October Monthly Spiffs

Check out the new offers from TracFone for October 2022.

  1. More Auto Refill

    1. Now earn 10% airtime margin for each customer you enroll in auto refill!

      11/1 – 11/30

  2. $10 EXTRA Handset Rebate

    1. All Simple Mobile and Tracfone branded handset activations receive an additional $10 handset rebate for every activation 11/1-11/30

  3. More Auto-Refill

    1. Get a $20 sign up bonus for each customer you enroll in Auto Refill!   11/1-11/30

  4. $30 Port-In Spiff
    1. All Verizon network brands & plans $30+, $15 Month 1, $15 Month 3
      11/1 – 11/30

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Need Help With Migration?

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Q4 Win Big This Fall

Vidapay's Switch 2 Score

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Don't Miss Your Chance to Win!

With every successful switch of TracFone customers over to the Verizon network while staying on the same brand and plan you will earn points.  More points = more chances to be a winner of a weekly drawing and maybe even the Grand Prize of $25,000

How do you earn entries?  Here's how:

  • Earn 1 entry by registering for the Switch 2 Score! $170k Giveaway

  • Earn 2 entries for ordering Net10 or Simple Mobile SIMs from Vidapay

  • Earn 15 entries for every switch from any TracFone brand on AT&T or T-Mobile service to the Verizon network

  • Earn 15 entries for enrolling any newly switch Verizon network customer to autopay

  • Earn 15 entries with any Secret Sale order (Mondays at 1pm ET)

  • Earn 50 entries every time you successfully switch 100 customers to Verizon network.

Check it out today and use your rewards to maximize your business.

Learn More

Tracfone's Q4 Dealer Loyalty Program Challenge

TracFone Brand Plans & SIMs

Plans and features can change. Keep up to speed on what each brand is featuring, what benefits they've added for new and existing customers. Let your customers know about all the great value that their current plans are offering and encourage their renewals or offer a change in plan that better meets their needs.



Simple plans with carryover data. Choose among all four major networks.

Simple Mobile

Latest in smartphone technology and outstanding coverage for an affordable price.


Quick Links

Training Assets

All learning resources in one place: how-to videos and other instructions.

Current TracFone Promotions

Know which plans to sell this month,
what's expiring and what's new!

Resolving Common Issues

Jump to a full list of contacts for troubleshooting issues with TracFone or Cellucom.

Miss the September Roadmap Call?

If you where unable to attend the roadmap call for September, you’re still able to get all the information and news we covered. Watch the recorded video of the roadmap call to see what new and upcoming.


Buy Unlocked Handsets, SIMs & Accessories

Buy Branded Handsets on VidaPay


    Need to find information about specific phone models and carrier specs? Try these. If you happen upon additional good resources you think could be shared here, please email us and let us know!

    GSM Arena

    Great resource for finding phone models, specs and reviews on models.

    Phone Scoop

    Great resource for finding and checking specs on phone models along with current industry news focusing.

    Resolving Common Issues



      If you are having issues with your VIDAPAY / TCETRA account, please contact TCETRA at:

      •  Mon-Sat 9am to 12am EST, Sun 9am to 9pm EST. Phone:  1-877-956-2359, email:

      Commission/Activation/RMA support:



              Phone:1-888-424-6344 Dial Code 56827

      >> Process returns on VidaPay.

      Cellucom Contact for TSP account status or credit limits:

      For questions about your TSP account status, if it is not active or you are out of spending limit, please email us at, or call us at  877-956-2355 ext.  2006. 

      Please note our office hours are  Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST. For questions or limit requests after hours, please email


          All customer related technical issues including:
          • Unable to make/receive calls, SMS/MMS (Data),
          • Activation failure,
          • Redemption failure,
          • Multi-line accounts,
          • DAP errors during any of the technical transactions.
          Call   1-888-424-6344 Ext  56827.
          You can also send an email to 

          Port issues:
          Send email to   or

          SPIFFs / Refunds / RTR inquiries: 
          Send email to

          TFDAP Portal issues:  

           Send email to
          Tips For Faster Help Via Email:    
          Always include the dealer's name, business name, and contact phone number.
          Write the customer's phone, sim or serial number in the subject line.
          For ILD issue, include the country they are trying to call, the phone number of the destination, and the error message. Please note, ILD roaming customers must make calls in the U.S. to register the feature before traveling.
          Chat Features for instant help:
          Use the Chat feature in  DAP  (bottom option on left side menu) to ask questions. This is a great resource! You must be logged in to access it.
  also has a (new) chat feature. When available it will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it to begin chat.
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