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Cellucom Training Assets


This is a new feature on our website and we hope you can utilize and enjoy it. This page and its contents are a work in progress. We are scouring all sources, requesting training materials and instructionals from our partners, and compiling any how-to's we get via email into helpful documents and linking them all here - in one place for you to regularly access.

If there is something you need to learn how to do specifically, please feel free to CONTACT US and make a request for that material or simply have someone walk you through what you wish to accomplish. We are here to help!

Instructional Video Library

DAP Training Assets

We have several training materials to assist you in learning how to use DAP. Choose one of these PDF document links if you have INCOMM or VIDAPAY.

There is also a recording of a live webinar video that shows a walk-through of the features of DAP and how to use it. Click HERE to view it.

You will want to have yourself and any employees sign up for Tracfone’s Brand and Customer Experience Training, which is accessible through DAP. This will train you and your employees on all Tracfone’s brand products as well as Customer Service training to ensure you provide the best customer experience and increase profits for your store. Please see the instructions HERE.

Quick DAP Task Instruction One-Sheets

These are mostly compiled from emails that you have already received about various features and how to access them through your DAP portal. We are compiling those past and present emails into easy to reference pages for you and building the library here. 

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Accounts to Refill Report

These are instructions on how to locate the report that shows subscribers close to their refill due date and their account details. Read now >>

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Subscriber Lookup

These are instructions on how to locate and lookup your subscribers. Read now >>

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New Total Wireless Activation Process

A guide to new and improved Total Wireless activation process. Read now >>

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CDMA Eligibility Tool

Simple instructions on how to check BYOP CDMA eligibility. Read now >>

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Customer Experience Newsletter - October

Read about Community Based Marketing. Learn ways to help your customers have a wonderful experience in the store. Read now >>

Learn More About Your Customer Surveys


General Business Training Resources

Here are some resources we thought you might like.

The internet is full of good information, and when you need answers it's easy enough to do a quick Google search and find just about anything.  But sometimes the best resources are ones that you never seek out, rather they just come to you.

We've searched so you don't have to! We are compiling some great resources we have searched and stumbled upon that we think are valuable to you - the Tracfone wireless dealer. We will continue to add resource links here as we can, but if you ever stumble upon a really good resource, please send us a quick email with the link. We'll check it out and post it here for others to learn from too! 

Retail Sales Techniques for Wireless Dealers

From our friends at check out their comprehensive guide for selling, customer service, and product upselling techniques, uniquely for the wireless or technology store format.


Customer Service: How to Market Your Cell Phone Repair Store

From an insightful look at what the personal experience can mean to this store format and how to leverage it for marketing purposes.


Building Your Website and Market Your Cell Phone Repair Business

Another from (a great resource by the way) Creating a way for your customers to find you and to do business with you in a digital realm is a key to withstanding changing customer habits in these changing times.


Downloadable Flyer!!

Check out this full page flyer featuring a great approach to enhancing customer relations and promoting a better 1xR rating.These Best Practices will help you maximize your time, efforts and earnings!

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