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Tracfone Brands can add great value AND great income to your existing store mix.

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Are you looking for something to enhance your business and increase foot traffic to your store?
By offering prepaid wireless plans from Tracfone brands in your store you will:

  • Help people in your neighborhood save money on their cell phone expenses! (on average prepaid plans will save consumers over 42% off their current postpaid bill) 

  • Encourage repeat business and incremental purchases in your store.

  • Establish a foothold with your customer base as a place to go for value in services and product.

  • Increase your monthly store revenue with the highest SPIFFs in the business!

  • Be eligible for contests, prizes, giveaways, and even free lines and handsets for yourself!

  • Add a product line that has increasing revenue potential without taking up any space in your store.

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Dealer Benefits

How does this all work exactly? ask
Great question! Here are the basics to know before applying.

You MUST have a physical retail store location to be eligible to become and authorized Tracfone retailer. How you market your services in your community and create customers for in-store purchases is totally up to you. You are not a franchisee, you do not pay to begin selling or pay royalties to TracFone or Cellucom. We provide you with process training and marketing materials like posters and point of sale display items to advertise that your store is offering our products and services. There is a little paperwork to fill out - things like business license, and some financial information to get you approved by our providers and open your Cellucom account. Cellucom is your Master Agent for TracFone services and SIM cards for activations. You can choose to buy unlocked phones or branded handsets through the Tracfone portal and the Cellucom Store. We also offer accessories from us directly at wholesale prices that you can make good margin on in your store. To become a Tracfone retailer you must work with a Master Agent, and you have some choices depending on what area of the country your store is located. Cellucom is the preferred Master Agent in 26 states. Send us an email with some of your information to see if we are the right fit for you and your store and location. CONTACT US.

Cellucom is TracFone's #1 Most Trusted Master Agent.

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